Complete Guide To Set Up Conversion Tracking In Google Ads
26 Feb, 2020 | Digital Marketing Strategies | Reading Time: 15 mins

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of your keyword ad campaign, you should always try to set up conversion tracking in Google Ads.

A conversion means a lead, an action, a purchase, a filled enquiry form by your customers on your website or ecommerce shop. With conversion tracking implemented, you will be able to allocate resources in a proper way.

Without conversion tracking, you will find it very hard to optimize your campaign. For example, you have now around 100 keywords in your ad campaign. In the absence of conversion tracking, you can only find the data for metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR and CPC in the report section. You won’t have any idea on which particular keywords bring you the customer who really made the purchase or filled an enquiry form on your site. So, it is really important to have this feature implemented if your campaign objective is more than just boosting website traffic.

Steps to set up conversion tracking

Firstly, navigate to the “Conversions” tab under “Tools & Settings”:

Then, choose the source of tracked conversion. The conversion tracking functions for both website and mobile app. We will take “Website” as an example.

After selection, Google will tell you what need to be filled step by step. First, you need to select the correct action, depending on the type of conversion you want to track, then name it and assign a value (if applicable, because not all kinds of conversions have a monetary value).

Next, you will be given a snippet. After that you just need to follow the installation instructions provided by Google.

After successful installation, under the column of “Tracking status” should be “Recording conversions”. Remarks: after installing the code on your website, you should perform the action which you ask Google to track, then wait for 1-2 days to see if you can get that status of “Recording conversions” as shown on below image:

Once there are customers converted after clicking your ad, you will be able to see the numbers in the reporting section of Google Ads.