Frequently Asked Questions
Are you puzzled? Solve with answers below!
Getting Started
Where can I sign up?
You can easily sign up on our website here! Follow the instructions to activate your account!
What do I need to get started?
An active Google Ads account is all that you need, because you’re going to link it with our system and work magic for your campaigns! Of course, having basic knowledge on digital search marketing is always preferred to help you make the most out of our system.
Free Trial & Subscription
How long is the free trial?
The free trial lasts for 14 days. No costs will be incurred during this period and no credit card info is required for the 14-day free service.
Anything will happen during my free trial?
You can add different ad accounts to the system and receive performance reports and ad optimization suggestions to understand how you can improve further and capture more conversions.
Can subscription be cancelled at any time?
Subscription can’t be cancelled halfway. The agreement terms shall be followed strictly.
How many accounts can I link to the system during the free trial?
Sky is the limit! You can link as many Google accounts as you wish to during the free trial and paid subscription.
Pricing & Billing
Is there discounted billing plan?
We do offer two types of annual billing plans – 12-month package and annual pre-pay package – for different monthly advertising budgets. Yes you’re right, both plans charge a discounted price, with the pre-pay package saving you more than USD 960 yearly.
Any distinct features for agencies?
Agencies can manage multiple client accounts and directly send our campaign performance reports to clients without any extra work done. Reports’ watermarks will be removed – you can directly send the reports to clients – saving you both time and manpower.
Will my clients know I'm using OptAdEasy?
No, your clients won’t be informed of your service with OptAdEasy because changes inside the system will be uploaded to Google Ads and recorded only in your Google Ads account.
Performance Grader & Reporting
Can I download the report?
You can always download the report by clicking the ‘Print’ button on the top right corner of your report and select ‘Save as PDF’ in the ‘Destination’ box.